Major Taxonomists in the collection

The names of authorities, written on the labels, give us the information about their taxonomic activities. This is the list of major taxonomists contributed to the Zoological Collection.

Name Remarks count
Moncharmont U. All round specialist, 1949 - 1975. 635
Holthuis R. B. Worked on "Collezione E. Caroli" (222 preps) 254
Sara M. Porifera specialist, 1947 - 1966. 182
Praus-Franceschini C. Molluscan Specialist. 169
Stechow E. Hydrozoa Specialist, 1956 - 1957 77
Santarelli C. 1910 - 1912 (The Primary Catalog)
Santarelli M. is his son, also working on the museum specimens.
Schewiakoff W. Worked on Acantharia in 1899, 1902, 1905 and 1925 - 26. The number of preparation slides is 1290. 1255
Wilhelm Giesbrecht (1854-1913)Worked on Copepods. The part of the preparation were corrected during the voyage of Albatross. 1716
Tortonese E. Fish Specialist 64
Parenzan P. Mainly Tunicata, Porifera and Mollusca. 73
De Fiore O. Molluscan Specialist, 1932 -1933 61
Gast R. Marine Invertebrata 1885 - 1914 (The Primary Catalog) 72
Eisig H. Polychaeta specialist, 1899 - 1910 (The Primary Catalog) 58
Caroli E. Crustacea specialist, 1912 - 1943 57
Lo Bianco S. Marine Invertebrata, 1909 - 1911 (The Primary Catalog) 60
Ryland J. S. Bryozoa Specialist. 1958 - 1961 45

Taxonomic Update

Recent re-curating and re-identification activity on our Bryozoan collection by Dr. Jones MS (NHM London) (Feb. 2007) Re-identified Label
The preparation ,made by Santarelli, was re-labeled by Montcharmont

For maintaining label information, the support of the professional taxonomists is essential. After the re-curation and/or re-identification, the label could be updated. More than half of preparations (296 out of 596) written in the primary catalog have been updated with different names. There are at least 300 missing preparations which are listed in the primary catalog. However, if we consider the ratio of the label updating, it might be possible that they still exist in the collection without a "SZN number" with different names.

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